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Diabetic test tube


ISO9001 certificate pp tube pe cover leak proofDisposable medical vtm sample collection tubes for specimen test

1. sizes:2ml,5ml,7ml,10ml

2. lid color:white,red,blue,etc

3. package:tubes-2000pcs/carton,lid-10000pcs/carton

4. PP material

5. OEM & ODM provide

Item No. Name Packing

12*75mm test tube

500pcs/bag, 12bags/carton
FS125 13*78mm test tube 500pcs/bag, 12bags/carton
FS127 15*100mm test tube 250pcs/bag, 10bags/carton
FS128 16*100mm test tube 250pcs/bag, 10bags/carton
FS137 15*100mm disposal soft test tube 60000pcs/carton
FS138 12*100mm disposal soft test tube 10000pcs/carton
FS139 12*75mm disposal soft test tube 10000pcs/carton
FS140 3ml pipette 10000pcs/carton
FS141 2ml pipette 10000pcs/carton
Fs142 1ml pipette 10000pcs/carton
FS143 0.5ml pipette 20000pcs/carton


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