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Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow

Healthy Pregnant Holstein Heifers, Heifers Bulls, Fattening Beef Bulls  and other cattle available.

Type 1: Pregnant Holstein Heifers.

Weight: 400 to 600 Kg each.
Milking capacity: 30 liters or more a day.
Details: Pregnancy : 6- 8 months.
 Age : 24 to 30 months.
Type 2: Heifers Bulls.
Weight: weight around 400-500 kg each.
Details: bulls for meat, Age : 6 to 18 months.
Type 3: Fattening Beef Bulls.
Weight: weight around 150-250 kg each.
Details: young bulls , Age : 3 to 10 Months.
Live Dairy Cattle and Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cows Available!


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